Thursdays by Jackson Biko

There are some stories that only Biko can tell the way they are supposed to be told. I have wanted to indulge in books by African authors, that while also dipping my toes into the literally fiction pool, finding what works for me and what doesn’t and this has been a beautiful start. Having felt ashamed many times on my not having read this book, I quietly took myself to tbc and sat down to read it. I don’t remember what I expected it to be, but it turned out quite different.

I love Biko’s writing so much. Being an avid reader of his blog, (Oh how I look forward to Tuesdays) it was only a question of when to read his books. Biko is a good storyteller, and I’ve always loved his art. His writing style is so easy to follow, that I knew, but my mind was still blown away. Thursdays is a small book, easy to read even in one sitting.

He tackles the subject of struggling artists and with a brush of mental health. It’s about a music band, vina wira, who play every Thursday and their hunger to make it. It is a crucial portrayal of the difficulties artists, especially the youth face in the modern kenyan life every single day. It represents a broad expression of how everyday situations can become the scenes of soft calamities, with a realistic delivery packed with emotion. It gradually becomes real with an unpredictable twist towards the end.

So I promised myself not to give many spoilers, not to say too much because how I love Biko, he’d write of a pen and I’d still run to buy the book. He’s my everyday cup of tea. In fact, it’s a possibility that I could marry the person that signs me up for his masterclass. No, I’m not kidding.

It didn’t have me sitting at the edge of my chair, but overall a masterpiece and I can’t wait to get my hands on Drunk.

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