I have been struggling with the idea of how life is supposed to be, to define how exactly I should live life. You know, everyone wishes to be happy all the time. Until I realized, I don’t have to plan out my life in one day. For some selfish reasons it’s not worth it. Life is a current. It flows. Sometimes not in the right directions.

This is my honesty my first blog. I feel like I have alot to spill yet in no specific order. I want to be able to inspire, to give someone hope. I want someone to read and honestly get some strength to go on with life. Because lately I have felt how it feels like to want to give up on life.

The weight, the burden of wanting to be better, the feeling of wanting to start all over again.

I want to look at me and accept myself. Be happy about me. Be happy about being vulnerable around everyone else,and not want to apologize for point of being me!

Unfortunately I’m not there yet. But I accept the challenge!

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