Leadership. We are the leaders of today.

I attended a conference a few weeks back and a specific speech on leadership by one of my favorite professors moved me. Specifically on the leadership of our country, Kenya. I could not sit on it, I had to share.

He went on to talk about leaders, how good leaders, are vital for the growth of an economy and how leadership is about breaking boundaries. Creating new norms.

As the youth, we’ve been taught all our lives to obey. So when they told us we are the leaders of tomorrow, we listened and obeyed. This obedience has only brought us so far. Why not be the leaders of today. See what the said ‘leaders of today’ have done to our country. They have destroyed the said tomorrow. The narrative stops. Don’t obey. Ask questions. The obedience was meant to put us in a cage. Which has worked so far. We are the leaders of today. It’s time to wake up, it’s time to lead.

The country is in dire need of a revolution. And to lead a revolution is a sacrifice which requires selflessness which only leaders do. However, we’re in lack of that in Kenya. Leaders such as Abraham Lincoln campaigned that it is wrong for a society to be split into half slave half free. Here, we believe in nothing.

Elect based on personality. A person can only give what they have, their values, not based on what they claim to want to offer. Look into their upbringing. Were they raised in love or are they bound to spread a hate they harbor. It has been proved time and again based on the world’s best leaders and how they served their countries.

The coming year elections can only go two ways. When based on the two most popular aspirants, one is bound to collapse the economy in 2 years. Useless promises and the anger of citizens eventually explodes. The other, a painkiller. Here to Soothe and not offer any solution for our current problems but only prolong the suffering. As bad as it sounds, the former is preferred. For all the wrong reasons, of course. The explosion of anger leads to the revolution which is much needed. But we can only wait. Revolution will come. The question is when but an uprising will eventually happen.

Remember, to lead is to set an example by the way that you live your life.

2 thoughts on “Leadership. We are the leaders of today.

  1. I believe change starts you.For me it’s already clear the next elections we only lead us back to the same cycle 😢, cause it’s a choice between the better bad the is no good😪. We need a revolution and it should start by clearly seeing everyone by who they are.

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