We’re going to need more wine – Gabrielle Union ;A Book Review

If you’re a fan like I am, you’ve been riding for Gabrielle Union long before her days on the hit BET show, Being Mary Jane. The book is a powerful collection of memoir-style essays on her life. Stories on growth, empowerment, family, trauma, gender, sexuality, race, beauty and self discovery. She details her life in a raw, heartbreaking honest, witty, fearless, genuine, bold and in deep humor. Truly, we’re going to need more wine for this!

Union’s memoir is funny and frank about many things. Mostly, herself. She details losing her virginity, sexual encounters, cheating, infertility, miscarriages. In one essay, she describes being raped at gunpoint by a stranger in the back room of a shoe store where she worked. She was 19.

‘Gabrielle has not only excused the demons of her two decade career, but she’s turned the exercise into primal scream therapy for her fans.’ This is for anyone who wants to follow her journey from being a conflicted young girl to blossoming into a brave, self-confident black woman in a culture dangerous to the black youth.

Her vulnerability about her flaws, mistakes and triumphs, will not only make you feel as though you’re seeing yourself reflected, but will also inspire you to be your most authentic self.

It’s safe to say that Gabrielle Union is a sexually liberated woman and she’s not afraid to speak on it. It’s one of the many reasons why I love her so much.

So often society puts a stigma, especially on women, about what we can or can’t do with our bodies. Union encourages everyone to make free necessary choices and own every aspect of their sexuality, regardless of society’s unsolicited opinions.

Union writes, “Explore the full range of everything and feel zero shame. Don’t let society’s narrow scope about what they think you should do with your vagina determine what you do with your vagina.”

I enjoyed every bit of this book. I devoured it in a week. Dear Gabrielle, we love to see all of it. I can’t wait get her newest book “You’ve got anything stronger? Stories”. You can get a copy of We’re gonna need more wine here.

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