Introvert Power :Why your inner life is your hidden strength.

This is the book I’ve taken the least amount of time to get through. 10 days. It was that good. Particularly because I’m an introvert, and the author pours every ounce of her introvert soul into it. It was a mental struggle putting it away everytime I picked it up, mostly at midnight. (Partly thanks to there being no internet coverage in my room in my 2 week visit staycation).

The book is an important guide to embrasing one’s inner life and claiming it as a rich source of power, creativity and connectedness. It shows how to celebrate introversion.

It felt like an extension of myself; basically me, but in words. I love tranquil solitude and such society. I have a pronounced dark side (craving to be unidentified, unnoticed, away from everyone else) that is my ‘zone of refuge’. I therefore loved relating to most details. The flow was undeniably good. For the introverts, it’s a much needed assurance and gives a comforting sense of being understood and validated. We shouldn’t think something is wrong with us if we shun the sometimes chaotic life of an extrovert. For the extroverts, it gives a view and understanding of an introvert’s life, how to relate with them and one might see numerous bits of themselves. (I highkey hope my extrovert friends do have a read.. Highly unlikely 😬)

A surprising discovery I made was that contrary to most researches, Introverts make up more than half of the world population. Which is ironic because we live in a very extroverted world.

This book enhances being oneself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else. For instance, the glorification of fun. Extroverts want us to have fun because they assume we want what they want. But ‘fun’ is an excited activity with lots of people, often unknown to us, and mostly that very word makes most introverts want to sit in a dimly lit room, with lots of pillows – alone.

Most introverts enjoy solitude and the more we avoid it, this part of ourselves become unhappy. The book has major tips on how to maximize on this, including creating a room just for you. Introverts are drawn to mystery, complex ideas and inner realities. If extroverts seek stimulation, Introverts seek to be absorbed, to be fascinated. While others chat, Introverts listen, observe, analyze and collect impressions.

We are not completely knowable, and this is a key to our attractiveness. Where extroverts air their thoughts as they come, we keep ideas inside as we work them out. The ability to withhold gives us credibility. We are less likely to blurt out statements we can’t support.

Whatever kind of introvert you are, some people will find you ‘too much’ in some ways and ‘not enough’ in others. You may be considered too intense or not enough into socializing. And when you are seen this way, it may hurt but it’s crucial you also see the other side of the equation. Understand both perspectives and know how and when to stick to your ground (without apology). The book gives great insights in understanding and appreciating our differences.

Most importantly, the book has helped me feel more comfortable with my place in the universe. Being at peace with my spirituality and humanity. Being okay with enjoying my own company the most, without feeling selfish or having the fear of missing out.

It has reinforced and validated my constant need for solitude, my yearning for nature, books, words, deep meaningful words, appreciating my art and being absolutely intentional with my alone time, all the while justifying talking to trees, open spaces and love for the sky.

It is in your power to withdraw into yourself whenever you desire. Perfect tranquility within consists in the good ordering of the mind – the realm of your own. Introversion can connect us to the source of our being so we may remain grounded as we work in the world.

I have not felt so understood in a book before.

Introvert or not, it is an absolute amazing read.

Get a copy of the book here. (ebook or hardcopy). @e_books_ke


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