I wish you the love that you readily give ♡

One thing , you can never understand the intensity of a reality unless you’re in it

Unless you’ve gone through it.

But there never lacks the selfish kind. Always armed with the backlash,hate ready to be unkind

To ridicule, to make another feel as if they don’t deserve.

This life, they said, could never be fair.

But ain’t there always a choice?

A choice to be a little kind, a little patient, a little understanding…

The last couple of days I’ve gotten up every morning ready to face a reality that I’d rather not.

Watching you so passionately get ready.

Ready to offer hope
Give love
Ready to face the unknown
The uncertainties

Day after day I’ve been amazed by your charisma and the willingness of the extremes that you’re so ready to go through.

And for what, I asked
For the lies? The ungrateful hearts?
What about you?
What about your well being
Who is taking care of you as much as you readily accept to be there for everyone else
Who is constantly looking out for your well being?!

You’ve told me over and again that you’ll be fine
But I see through your eyes
You’re just as afraid as I am.
Tell me,
How fine is it when you don’t want me home when you get back

Having to swallow a pill everyday to accept that this is what you signed up for
But I was not ready.
The uncertainties in my head are almost taking a toll on me.

Regardless of my unwillingness to watch you dive into this dark path every single day,
Regardless of the fact that they neither see nor appreciate your hard work
Or that they don’t deserve your kind and generous heart
And the fact that you won’t let me take care of you,
I wish you well
I pray and hope that you’ll get through it fine
You’re too good for this life
I love you ♡

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