Trust the process ♡

Maybe we should stop overthinking so much and trust the way life happens.

Things change. Every year you grow into someone else, every year you have the opportunity to start over again and begin. To rise and face the world the way that you want to.

Take this with you, you beautiful human… Don’t be afraid to fail. Don’t be afraid to get your heart broken. Don’t be afraid at all. Everything else lies at the other end of the tunnel, the other side of the comfort zone you’re clinging to right now.

The fear is in your head, the doubt is in your heart, and regret survives in your memory – that is, if you feed it-if you give into it.

So please, before you go, overthinking is a self-inflicting act. It is the suicide, the doubt of self, the tragedy no one understands. It is instant death without lifting a single sword. So don’t give in to it.

You know you’re stronger than that and capable of so much more ♡!

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