We rise again🌹!

I have fallen many times.
I have failed myself and let myself down, time and time again.

I have been hurt, heartbroken and confused by my own actions and the actions of others. I have lost my faith and my way.

I have felt the pain of lose, rejection and disappointment over and over again. I haven’t always dealt with those situations and circumstances as well as I could have or should have. My greatest disappointments have come down to my own words and actions.

I’ve lost many a fortune in the pursuit of my dreams. I have had to go without more times than I care to share, in order to keep my dreams and my vision alive.

I have neglected to do the things I could do. I have been lazy, I have lost my hope and my drive so many times throughout my life. Many days, I have wanted to give in and give up.

I have faced the longest of nights. The loneliest of days and the most ferocious of storms. I have had to endure the deepest and darkest pain of the soul. My faith and belief has constantly been tested.

I have many shortcomings. I am not perfect. I have had to create myself and rebuild myself from the ground up time and time again. I have had to pick up the pieces when no one, was there to help. No one could see my talents, my gifts and my vision. My struggles existed within.

I’ve failed so many times. I’ve let myself down and others down countless times. I’ve messed up and made mistakes that have simply broken my heart and my world in two.

No matter the pain. No matter the setbacks or the challenges.

I Rise Again. Because I know deep within my soul. I will conquer all. My failures, my disappointments and my setbacks will never define me.

What defines us all, is our ability to get back up and stand tall. Knowing that yesterday’s failures and pain are in the past.

Today, You Rise from the ashes and the burdens and the pain of the past. Forgive those who may have hurt you, but most of all forgive yourself.

Let go of what once was, so you can create what will be.

Today is a new day.
Today, you shall Rise again.
To conquer all.

I Rise again.
We Rise together.


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