Don’t fall in love too fast.

Do you fall in love hard and fast? Me too. Well, I’m abit choosy but when I do, I can feel strongly about someone pretty quick and falling in love too easily is something I’m very familiar with.

Even though there’s nothing wrong with falling in love and allowing yourself to be vulnerable with someone new, falling in love with someone too quickly can end in a whirlwind of crushed feelings and dashed dreams.So recently I came about very powerful articles that made absolute sense to me. And here’s the secret, don’t fall in love too fast.

The truth is when you fall in love too fast, it’s not love. Let me explain. Nothing good in our lives ever comes from falling. They say love is blind because the only time we fall is when we’re blinded. When you fall in love too fast you think that you know their dreams but you just know their plans. You think you know their heart, but you just know their mind. You think you know their past, but you just know parts.

Let the right person show you that they’re the right person. Dont give away your trust, let someone earn it. I know what it’s like, it feels amazing to fall for someone quickly, that adrenaline rush. But why would you want to fall for someone that you don’t know is going to be there to catch you?

We just don’t find a huge tree with beautiful fruits and flowers overnight. It takes time. No matter how much you water it, no matter how much sunlight you give it, it takes time.

And so is a relationship. Because remember, you can’t eat the fruit the same day you plant the seed.

And on the flip side, don’t make someone fall in love with you if you don’t know how to love them. Because guess what-they won’t end up questioning you, they’ll end up questioning love.

Love is such a powerful emotion, it’s important to protect your heart and make sure you’re falling for someone who’s not only falling for you too but who’s also going to catch you in a committed loving and healthy relationship.

I would wish for everyone to have incredible, meaningful and purposeful relationships.I want them to be real and genuine. Because being in love isn’t a mood, it’s a commitment, even after your mood changes. And you don’t just figure that out in a day or a week or a month❤️.

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